ABC Decking is a versatile enterprise with experience in all kinds of concrete construction requirements including those of domestic, commercial and industrial buildings. Some of the projects and contractors ABC Decking has worked with in the past include:


VENTURE PROJECTS: Upmarket housing construction in areas such as Camps Bay, Clifton, Bantry Bay and Bishop’s Court.


CAPRICORN BUSINESS PARK (MUIZENBERG): ABC Decking constructed all the mezzanine decks , staircases , concrete columns & beams as well as all the insitu decks for Enterprise Village in the business park.

EPPING INDUSTRIAL PARK: ABC Decking installed all the mezzanine decks in the factories built by Ian Stuart Builders in the complex.

MILLS LITHO: ABC Decking installed the bases, columns , staircases , beams and first floor deck for Craig Ball Projects.



PETER SMITH PROPERTY DEVELOPERS: ABC Decking was responsible for all the concrete construction requirements for 8 three storey apartment buildings in Uitzicht.

LOUMARIE DEVELOPMENT TRUST: ABC Decking handled all concrete construction requirements for 5 three storey apartment blocks in the Langebaan area.